The Top Five Job Search Apps for 2022

Finding a job has never been easier. Some traditional job search sources such as newspapers and bulletin boards are all but extinct, while others such as word of mouth remain a great way to find a job. Additionally, digital options such as online job boards, social media posts, and recruitment websites have made looking for a job even more convenient.

Amid the sea of options, it might be hard to find the right job search resource, particularly for specialized fields such as biotech. Thus, it is worth looking closely at our top five job search apps for 2022. These apps are the most used by both jobseekers and recruiters alike. Additionally, these job search apps have become trusted sources of reliable and skilled talent (including highly specialized fields), for recruiters of all skill levels.

So, let’s break each one down.

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1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the go-to location for jobseekers and recruiters to meet. And it’s the world’s largest professional networking and career development platform. According to LinkedIn, it currently holds 810 million members from over 200 countries. With roughly 77% of HR professionals using LinkedIn for recruitment purposes, LinkedIn is the place to be.

Why is LinkedIn a top job search app?

LinkedIn makes the list as it facilitates recruiters’ search for top talent. Jobseekers can alter their profile to “open to job opportunities” to signal they are actively looking for a new job. Recruiters can also post jobs and utilize filters to look for professionals with specific characteristics. This is especially helpful for professionals with specialized scientific and technical skills.

LinkedIn is a great digital space for the time-tested and highly effective “word of mouth”. Professionals can leverage their network about new opportunities while recruiters leverage their own for referrals to top talent.

Additionally, LinkedIn offers insights into career prospects and salary information. These insights help recruiters and jobseekers assess the right opportunities. LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions services make the online recruitment process relatively straightforward and stress-free. LinkedIn boasts access to the world’s most talented, qualified talent pool, thus giving it the top spot for job search apps in 2022.


2. is renowned for its abundant job postings. Jobseekers flock to CareerBuilder daily to look for their next great perofessional opportunity. CareerBuilder currently boasts 45 million users and offers its services in 29 languages. These huge numbers make CareerBuilder a massive meeting place for jobseekers and recruiters.

Why is CareerBuilder a top job search app?

CareerBuilder has a user-friendly interface that makes your job search easy. Jobseekers instantly have access to millions of job postings daily. Moreover, applying on the app is hassle-free. Jobseekers can filter job offers by salary, education, experience, and qualification. Recruiters greatly benefit from using CareerBuilder as it facilitates finding top-notch talent. The app offers a free subscription for jobseekers and recruiters. Paid options for recruiters start at $219 a month. It is a good option for busy HR professionals and staffing agencies.

3. Snagajob

Snagajob is a great app when looking for part-time or hourly gigs. It allows jobseekers to search its extensive database to find the right match. Snagajob users create a profile and the app then matches users’ profiles with job postings. Users can use this app’s one-click application process to submit their requests. Snagajob indicates it has over 100 million registered jobseekers with more than 700,000 employers across the US and Canada.

Why is Snagajob a top job search app?

Snagajob makes finding part-time, temp, hourly wage, and shift workers hassle-free and straightforward. Recruiters find the app’s video profile and personality quiz especially useful in assessing applicants. On the whole, recruiters have found Snagajob highly useful in reducing the legwork needed to hire temp and shift workers. Most employers fill open slots in less than ten minutes. This characteristic makes Snagajob a great option when looking for workers in a pinch, thanks to its virtual interview feature. Snagajob is free for users. Paid subscriptions are available for recruiters starting at $89 a month.

4. Indeed

Indeed is one of the market leaders in the online job search domain. Indeed’s online job board gets millions of daily hits while its mobile app offers the same functionality as the website version. With millions of jobseekers constantly using their mobile devices, it makes sense to leverage Indeed’s vast reach. Currently, Indeed’s job search app has over 1.2 million ratings on iTunes, with an average score of 4.7 out of 5.

Why is Indeed a top job search app?

Indeed’s market-leading website easily transfers to its mobile app. Consequently, millions of jobseekers visit Indeed to look for new job opportunities. Recruiters can leverage Indeed’s market share to find the best talent available in their location. Indeed also allows recruiters to save time by pre-qualifying candidates through the tests and evaluations available on the site. The automated scores allow recruiters to filter applications to focus on the top candidates. Though be warned! In this tight labor market, these tests/evaluations/pre-screening questions may inadvertently weed out candidates you want to see.

Indeed is free for users. Paid subscriptions are available for recruiters. Pay-as-you-go options are also available. Recruiters can post free jobs with limitations such as listing after sponsored jobs. Paid ads start at $5 a day per job. Hiring campaigns work on pay-per-click basis. Recruiters can choose the maximum budget for their campaigns.

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5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor has become a highly popular job search/review site over the last half-decade. Jobseekers have come to trust the user-driven company and job reviews. Glassdoor has also become a go-to site for recruiters. Given its highly functional mobile app, Glassdoor is a great alternative for top companies and talent to find the right match. Overall, Glassdoor reports 32 million unique visitors every month. Glassdoor also indicates that more than half of its monthly visitors come from its mobile app.

Why is Glassdoor a top job search app?

Glassdoor stands out among other job search apps due to its robust company, employment, and salary insights. Jobseekers can find detailed information on companies and salaries. Food for thought…keep in mind that people who intend to post negatively about a company do so at a substantially higher rate than those with a positive experience. Glassdoor is a tool for job seekers, but should be combined with a balanced evaluation of a company or position.

Recruiters can find candidate profiles on Glassdoor when they post a job. Thus, Glassdoor’s automated tools easily match jobseekers with job postings. This characteristic saves time and effort through its “easy apply” function. Glassdoor is free for users to leave reviews and salary information. Companies can create free profiles where employees can add their comments and reviews. Paid subscriptions are available for talent seekers. Glassdoor does not openly disclose its subscriptions costs. Subscriptions, however, typically start at around $100 a month and allow you to contact up to 30 candidates. Other plans cost up to $250 monthly to contact 100 jobseekers.

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