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As a part of the TalentZök family, we focus on helping you identify the best talent. Whether you’re seeking temporary help or help on a direct hire basis, Simply Biotech and the TalentZök family of companies can connect you to the right person for the job.

Biotech. It’s All We Do.

We believe that effective and successful recruiting must be specialized. It is the only way to truly know both companies and job seekers and the most effective way to bring them together. At Simply Biotech, we focus only on the biotech/device industry.

No “resume farming” here

The most talented people rarely post their resumes to job boards. They are out there working, untapped. Many don’t even know they are interested in better opportunities because they are passive job seekers. You want the best person for the job and chances are, the best person doesn’t have their resume posted. They may even be working for your competitor. So searching the job boards along with every other biotech firm won’t get you the result you’re looking for. Only old-fashioned recruiting – picking up the phone, networking and finding the talent in the workforce – will get you the perfect match.

Thank you for calling

We’ve picked up that old book on customer service, dusted it off, and put it back into practice. How many times have you left a message and never heard back? At Simply Biotech, customer service is our priority. We return calls promptly. We don’t let you fall through the cracks. It sounds so simple yet so few know how to do it right.

We do our homework–to save you time

Before filling a position, we speak with many of the people involved in making the decisions and ask quite a few questions. While this takes a little longer in the beginning of the process, it allows us to better understand what’s most important in a candidate. That way, we send only qualified candidates who will be in line with what you’re looking for.
Many recruiters just forward resumes to clients. At Simply Biotech, we conduct a thorough interview with each candidate before presenting them to you. We speak with them about their experience at each position and find out who they reported to, what their responsibilities were, and why they left. Many times this uncovers information that is omitted in the resume and that may be vital to your decision. We feel that it is our responsibility to thoroughly screen candidates before presenting them to you. This process results in fewer, better candidates for you to consider – and saves you time.

Simply Biotech’s Brand Promise to You

Permanent Placement Services’ iPad Mini Guarantee
Simply Biotech’s Permanent Services team believes so strongly in our Zök In/Out interview process that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. If you follow our process and find it to be a waste of your time, we will give you an iPad mini FREE*!
Companies miss out on the most talented people because too much time passes by during the interview process. Simply Biotech’s Zök In/Out innovative interview process gives you the advantage by turning time in your favor!
The Simply Biotech’s Zök In/Out
The Zök-In/Out is a back-to-back interview process that affords our clients the ability to meet our top talent in a very time efficient process. Our Zök In/Out process of back-to-back interviews offers our clients some amazing benefits!
Simply Biotech’s Zök In/Out Benefits
  • Highest priority support from the TZ Staff
  • Distraction free interviewing
  • Complete anonymity to candidates and clients
  • Ability for you to meet our top 3-6 candidates in a time effective setting
  • Process can be held at your office or ours
  • Real time and in-depth feedback from each candidate at the end of the interview process
  • Ability to move quicker than your competitors and keep the most talented candidates engaged and excited about your firm
Simply Biotech’s ZökIn/Out Guarantee Details
* We are so confident you will be a fan of the Zök In/Out process that Simply Biotech’s will provide you with an iPad mini for free if you feel our process is a waste of your time. All we require is that you work with us to preschedule a 90+ minute block of time to meet 3+ candidates at your office or ours and provide us with immediate feedback, including next steps for each candidate, at the end of the interview process.
Temporary Placement Services’ 112.5% Guarantee
Simply Biotech’s Temporary Services team believes so strongly in our ZökStart process that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. If you feel our ZökStart was a waste of your time, we will offer a 112.5% GUARANTEE*!
Put your competitors on their heels! The top reason temporary and temporary-to-hire employees don’t work out is timing; they often accept a competing opportunity before you’ve completed your process resulting in additional wasted time and lost revenue for your organization. Simply Biotech’s ZökStart process gives you the advantage by turning time in your favor!
The Simply Biotech’s ZökStart
Simply Biotech’s ZökStart is an opportunity to assess an employee’s ability to perform the job duties and evaluate their skills, not just what they wrote on a piece of paper or told you during an interview! Our Simply Biotech’s ZökStart is, essentially, a “working interview” that offers our clients some amazing benefits!
ZökStart Benefits
  • Highest priority support from the TZ Staff – we won’t working any non-Direct Starts until the job is filled
  • First right of refusal on our best talent – Ask about our TZ MPC Board!
  • Supervisory references have been completed prior to the employee starting their job with your company
  • Candidates have all been interviewed in-person by our staff
  • On the job evaluation to confirm a candidate’s stated skills match their ability
Simply Biotech’s ZökStart Guarantee Details
* We are so confident you will be pleased with our ZökStart process that we offer a 112.5% Guarantee. We will do all the work – the recruiting, screening, interviewing, reference checks and employment. Once we have identified the right person, we will have them report to your organization at the agreed upon time and day. If the candidate doesn’t perform, we pay the candidate, we don’t bill you, and we write your company a check equivalent to one hour of the candidate’s bill rate up to $50.

frequently asked questions

We want our relationship with you to be straightforward and clear from the beginning. Here are some questions we regularly answer.
Do you specialize in certain types of placements?

Simply Biotech focuses exclusively on the biotech industry, including medical device, pharma, biologics, and diagnostics. We place people at all levels and we can help if you’re looking to be placed directly or if you’re looking for temporary, contract, or contract-to-hire work.

How do you find the best people for my company?

At Simply Biotech, we don’t just search the job boards. We spend our time networking and recruiting throughout the greater biotech community. This ensures that we have the best talent to meet your needs.

Why should I work with Simply Biotech for Permanent Placements?

That’s easy! We save our clients a tremendous amount of time and money using our Zök In/Out process because it results in filling positions up to 8 times more often than the industry average, and with better qualified talent, within about 2 weeks.

Why should I work with Simply Biotech for Temp / Temp-to-Hire Needs?

That’s easy! We save our clients a tremendous amount of time and money using our ZökStart process because it results in filling your position within a couple of days and with better qualified talent.

How does the placement process work?

Once you contact us, we will schedule a time to discuss your specific needs. We take the time to carefully review your requirements and to ask questions so that we don’t waste your time by sending unqualified people. We then custom recruit and screen candidates that meet your requirements. We keep you updated on our progress until the position is filled.

Do you offer benefits to your contract employees?

Yes. We offer a wide range of benefits – from access to health coverage, paid holidays, bonuses and more – to attract and retain the best temporary employees.

How long will it take to find a candidate?

We move very quickly with the vast majority of searches; the work we spend up front saves time throughout the process. Every job search is different. Every client’s timeline is unique. We pride ourselves on making matches that last and ensuring that your next hire is a valuable member of your organization. Our expertise is in making matches. We expeditiously and aggressively search the marketplace to find the best candidates in the shortest amount of time.

TalentZok? Zokceed? How does this relate to Simply Biotech?

Simply Biotech is a part of the TalentZok family of companies. Our specialized divisions focus in different areas and industries and all are dedicated to helping people succeed (zokceed in our language!).

TalentZök? That’s a unique name.

We are a specialized search firm and Zök is a derivative of the Swedish word for “search”. And honestly…we thought the name was cool. We love helping people succeed (zökceed in our world!).

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