10 Things to Look for in Top Recruiting Agencies

Finding a trusted staffing agency that specializes in biotech is no easy task. There is a myriad of factors to consider when choosing among the top recruiting agencies. Some specialized staffing and recruiting agencies may claim they are at the top, but separating the wheat from the chaff may prove more challenging than expected.

Choosing a quality recruiting agency for your business requires understanding what makes top recruiting agencies the best in their field. Here are ten things to look for when hiring a recruiting agency. These factors will help you gain a keen sense of what qualities to keep in mind throughout your search.

Things in Top Recruiting Agencies

Main Takeaways:

  1. Relevant industry experience is key in determining the right specialized staffing and recruiting agency for your organization. The top recruiting agencies have connections they can use to find staff members with the skill sets your biotech and device company is looking for.
  2. Professional staffing agencies strive to deliver outstanding service. They are transparent about the services they provide, their fees, and how they can help your organization find top talent.
  3. The top recruiting agencies have the best people, tools, and processes at their disposal. They use these resources to provide a solid cost-benefit relationship. Ultimately, clients get the right people for the right positions while practically eliminating the costs associated with hiring mistakes.

Here are the ten things to look for in finding the best recruiting agency for your biotech organization’s needs:

1. Industry Expertise

The best staffing agencies are at the top due to their results. These agencies have developed recruiting strategies and know what it takes to find the best candidates for their clients. A top staffing firm may not necessarily be the best in every industry, though.

Recruiting agencies typically specialize in one type of industry or another, and it is essential to gauge how much expertise top recruiting agencies have in your respective industry. While a top staffing firm may have an outstanding track record in finding the best financial professionals, this expertise may not translate well into the IT field.

Ultimately, finding a top recruiting firm specializing in your industry is the first major step to consider.

2. Connections

Nowadays, virtually anyone can open a profile on a job board and begin taking hundreds of applications within a few hours. What separates a professional staffing firm from anyone with a computer is connections- top recruiting firms know people who also know people. As a result, connections come in handy when filling managerial and highly specialized positions.

Please bear in mind that connections in the biotech industry also come in very handy when looking to fill positions on short notice. Instead of going through the entire recruiting process, top recruiting firms have already done much of the legwork. Those industry specific connections enable them to find the right people in a fraction of the time.

3. Streamlined Process Hiring Practices

Top recruiting agencies have solid hiring practices. They have a system that works and use it efficiently. In contrast, run-of-the-mill staffers try their best to cut corners whenever possible. A professional staffing firm strives to do things the best way without skimping on quality and service.

When choosing a recruiting firm, take the time to inquire about their hiring practices. For instance, how much automation do they use? Do they take the time to interview candidates in person? Do they focus on references and background checks? All of these factors weigh significantly on your organization’s final hiring decisions.


4. Amazing Staff Members

Recruiting agencies specialize in finding the right people for their clients. But do these agencies have the right staff members for themselves? You might be surprised to find that staffing firms do not always have the best people on their teams. As a result, finding a top recruiting agency with experienced and knowledgeable staff members is a must.

The best staffing firms have top professionals who work with their clients to ensure smooth communication and coordination. As such, take the time to learn more about the people you will be working with. If possible, interview the account managers or representatives with whom you will have contact. The aim is to ensure they have the knowledge and experience while being a good fit for your organization.

5. Great Communication skills

Top recruiting agencies understand the value and importance of good communication. They strive to stay on the same page with their clients. Good communication must focus on being timely and efficient. Your chosen staffing firm must keep you in the loop throughout the process. Moreover, your point of contact must be available to answer your questions and concerns as needed.

When evaluating a prospective staffing firm, inquire about their communication methods. Do they primarily communicate via email or phone? Are they available outside of office hours to discuss unexpected issues? Are they willing to meet with you in person if need be?

Ensuring that your predominant communication style meshes efficiently with your chosen recruiting agency is a critical step toward ensuring a successful relationship.

6. Cost-Benefit Relationship

On the surface, it may seem more cost-effective to handle hiring in-house. After all, you only need to hire the recruiting staff to get the job done. In the long run, doing things in-house may cost more than you anticipated.

Recruiting costs time and money. Financial costs go beyond paying recruiters’ salaries- you must spend money on advertising, testing, background checks, and screening. These costs all add up over time. Moreover, the time your staff spends finding the right people may exceed what a professional staffing agency may charge.

Suppose your organization is keen on cutting down on recruiting time and costs. In that case, it is worthwhile considering a top recruiting agency. The overall time and effort saved will offset the financial cost of doing things in-house.

7. Honesty and Transparency

Honesty is always the best policy. Top recruiting agencies understand this situation perfectly. As a result, they strive to communicate directly with their clients and candidates throughout the hiring process.

The best staffing agencies also value trust. They know that both clients and candidates place a great deal of importance on trust. A shady-looking staffing firm will most likely fail to draw top candidates. Moreover, less-than-trustworthy hiring agencies show a poor track record. For instance, one can look at comments. With the internet nowadays, it is virtually impossible to hide a bad reputation.

So, do take the time to do your homework on the staffing firms you plan to interview. Doing so will save you bundles of time and cost in the long run.

8. Relationships with Top Candidates

A sign of a top recruiting agency is the way they treat candidates. The best staffing firms treat candidates with the utmost respect. These firms see candidates as people, not commodities. As a result, top-notch hiring agencies strive to build good relationships with candidates.

The best staffing firms get great reviews from former candidates.

Think about that for a minute.

The top recruiting agencies help candidates get the jobs they want. So, why wouldn’t candidates have positive things to say about the agency? Indeed, the best hiring agencies create positive relationships with candidates. Over the long haul, these agencies have the power to draw in the best candidates based on their reputation alone.

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9. Recruiting Tools and Skills

Like hiring practices, the top recruiting agencies use tools and skills to their fullest advantage. When evaluating a staffing firm, ask them about what type of automated tools they use. Also, find out what software they use for psychometric testing or evaluating candidates’ specific skills. Do they use language and logic tests? Do they use IQ and EQ tests? The answers to these questions will reveal how thorough the agency truly is.

Additionally, inquire about what skill sets your chosen staffing agency brings to the table. Do they have unique skill sets, such as complex problem solving? Have team work and communication skills?  Place a high degree of emphasis on attention to detail? Knowing what specific skills your chosen staffing firm has to offer will help you make an informed decision.

10. Value

Just because a recruiting agency is expensive does not mean it is actually good. Understanding how a staffing agency charges for its services is key in determining if it is a good fit for your organization. The best recruiting agencies are fully transparent about their pricing. They will strive to explain what you are paying for. Moreover, they will be clear about how to pay and when to do so. If you suspect any hesitation about pricing, it is best to walk away.